13. 791LETTERSDummkopf!
While I appreciate the appropriate use of the German terms in the front page story of your August 3 edition (“Merger madness”), I suggest it would be wise to check their spelling and accuracy before going to print.
In the first paragraph you misspell “Anschluss” (leaving out the first ‘s’) and then misuse the word ‘Fräulein’ which, as do all nouns in German, requires a capital letter. Your story is also missing its umlaut on the ‘a’.
I’m sure I’m among a considerable number of German speakers who receive your paper and whose enjoyment of reading it may have been impaired by these errors. I readily admit to being a pedant, but as a scholar of modern European languages I find it difficult to let these things go!
Frau Wilhelm von Mt Lawley
The Ed says: Mein Gott in Himmel! Given our knowledge of German stems from old ‘Commando!’ comics we’ll take that as a well-deserved slap on the heinie.

Would it smell as sweet?
Rceent letters in the Voice by Jeff Hughes and Brian Greig with regard to the so-called “marriage” between two males and two females are a puzzle.
If these people wish to make their choice a union between each other they can easily take out a legal private contract.
It’s as easy as that, it has nothing to do with “marriage” between a man and a woman which the majority of Australians with common sense view as normal behaviour which has been around for thousands of years.
There is no need for their minority group with seemingly “special needs” to call their union a “marriage”. Let them find themselves a unique name for their cause. It can never be a “marriage” as we know it.
Greg Sehojuet
Roscorla Ave, Yokine
The Ed says: Bring back the dowries of goats and cows, we say. Now, THAT’S a marriage! Not so keen on shacking up with a dead brother’s missus, though.

Toxic attitude
Your article “Tree Poisoners” (Voice, July 27, 2013) shocked me. I have just returned to Perth, after many years living in other countries, most recently 25 years in Mexico.
It was a struggle to grow a garden where I lived. The long, mercilessly hot summers, short winters followed by sparse rainfall discouraged the growth of anything but cacti.
What a difference here—how verdant Perth has become, a city glorying in its bounty of flower gardens and tree-lined streets.
Then to read that some people were destroying our beautiful heritage, merely to obtain a better view, just infuriated me, and encouraged me to tell you about a small group of expatriates who decided to bring a little beauty into a very depressed area of our town.
We had chosen a suburb devoid of any vegetation—houses sitting on small plots of dust and sand, a truly miserable area, mirroring the poverty of it inhabitants.
Our mission was to plant trees all along the street in front of each home. At first there was scepticism: Mexicans are not used to being given anything for free, they fight tooth and nail to get the local government to release sufficient water or electricity for their basic needs. But some gave permission, so we went to work.
We volunteered our own gardeners and bought trees from local nurseries. The work started, and soon the gardeners were overwhelmed by children who clustered around wanting to help.
The word got around and soon every single householder in the street was begging for a tree of their own. At last a shady spot to sit and gossip or play with the children. Today, that little bit of our town has been regenerated. No tree poisoners there!
Sylvia Jessop
Cresswell Rd, Dianella

Bring on the Big Baysy
As a south-eastern Mt Lawley resident, being part of Bayswater/Bassendean makes more sense than being in Stirling.
I have far more connection with Maylands and Morley (and Inglewood, which is coming with us) than I do with Scarborough or Gwelup.
There’s an inherent common feel to these suburbs which track the railway and the river to Guildford which could develop a meaningful regional identitiy which Stirling lacks. As long as we don’t inherit Bayswater’s miserably dysfunctional set of councillors.
Troy Barry
(posted to perthvoice.com)

Leave it for the priests
I am an admirer of the late US senator Patrick Moynihan.
Confronted with a challenging issue he observed: “This calls for a policy of benign neglect.”
Oh, that our leader would have the courage, or more correctly the imagination, to say:
“Look, we are only the government. Marriage is a matter for religion and we don’t do that.
“If you want to form a domestic partnership, fill out the form and get your partner to sign it.
“If you want to get married look for a priest, a preacher, a rabbi or a celebrant.
“Nothing to do with governing, and that’s all we get paid for.”
Thomas A Lawson
Lawley Cresc, Mt Lawley

Charity begins at dinner?
Weren’t the councillors who voted against a discount for the hire of the hall to the narcotics addiction group the same councillors who voted to hold the mayor’s dinner at a cost of $45,000?
Where is the charity which they have so freely adopted for themselves?
Wake up City of Bayswater and use your brains and your hearts instead of looking after yourselves for once. This organisation is not a charitable organisation as such, but a worthwhile body that does good work in combatting the terrible curse of drugs. I just hope these councillors never have a loved one in this situation—or will they just turn their backs on them?
Sue Trewick
Wolseley Rd, Morley

Absolutley dismayed about the threatened disembowelment of Vincent. Not sure about other areas, but the Town of North Perth was swallowed up by Perth in 1914, and remained so until 1994 when Vincent was formed.
Vincent turned out to be very good for we natives. It seems unjust to fold it up.
Now the premier is acting like a carpet-bagger, trying to cherry pick the more vibrant parts of Vincent, and intends to exile the rest of us to Woop Woop.
Vincent, being an inner-doorstep urban area, has still got an invisible umbilical cord to the city. It certainly has none, nil, zero affinity to the northern capital of suburbia, Stirling.
If the premier wishes to have part of the Vincent cake he must take it all, or nothing, not carry on like a spoilt brat, licking the icing, and expecting others to consume the spit-covered slobbery remains.
Stuart Dudley
Venn St, North Perth

Whispering marbles
Homburgs in the air. Congratulations to the influential Perth Voice: “Axe the authority” demanded a Voice Mail headline on June 22, and our enigmatic premier obeys.
The government’s planed local government changes include putting Kings Park in the care of an expanded City of Perth.
Most silver-lined clouds have a darker side, however, with wretched Stirling to become even more bloated. This despite the mayor saying it’s already big enough.
Understatement of the century.
As for Colin Barnett? Well, he sees off Captain Kevin Queeg—did you hear the marbles whispering?—yet continues to tolerate the current Stirling crew.
Am I being naïve? Of course I am.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mount Lawley

Flip-flop MacTiernan?
There are some questions to be asked about the candidate for Perth Alannah MacTiernan, she resigned from the Labor shadow cabinet to run for the federal seat of Canning 2010.
Unsuccessful, she sought and won the mayoral election for the City of Vincent in 2011. Now, halfway through the term, she is having a tilt at the federal seat for Perth. There is a question to be asked about commitment and ethics because someone here is having a bet each way it seems.
If successful in winning Perth it is goodbye to the people of Vincent—if not, well guess what folks, I am back.
This smacks of political opportunism having a bet each way. In the meantime, who looks after her job at Vincent and how much time is Stephen Smith dedicating to his ministerial duties working as Alannah’s campaign manager? How can you trust a candidate who flip flops like this from one tier of government to another?
Tina Klein
Wicks St, Eden Hill
The Ed says: Ms Klein is a former mayor of Bassendean and was formerly a member of the Liberal Party.

Abolish them
Your response (Voice, July 27, 2013) to my letter, “Ravenous for more rates” raises the question, why do we need local government?
Wouldn’t it be cheaper if and less problems if we had none, instead of the proposed amalgamation. It cost millions to create the City of Vincent, now it will cost us millions to hand back part to Perth and the rest to Stirling.
It just cost a fortune to change from Town of Vincent to City of Vincent. For whose benefit? Not the ratepayers.
Now where we live looks like going back to Stirling and they haven’t finished the paperwork of the previous changeover. Who do I pay my rates to, which came in today?
Robert Hart
Anderson St, Mount Hawthorn
The Ed says: We think councils work best we think when they’re small, in touch with their local communities and are able to determine their own amenity. If we’re only going to have mega-councils there’s a good argument for complete abolition. Maybe that’s what this “boiling frog” exercise is all about.

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