Locals ignored

• Emma and Eddie Cole in their soon-to-be busy laneway. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

• Emma and Eddie Cole in their soon-to-be busy laneway. Photo by Jeremy Dixon

Mt Hawthorn local Emma Cole says she’s “really gutted not to have a say” over a now-approved 22-unit development on Oxford Street.

Residents fear the Psaros project will fill their tiny residential laneway with up to five times the traffic.

Vincent’s development assessment panel (comprised of three government-appointed members and just two elected members) approved the project.

Ms Cole says she doesn’t oppose development on the site and hopes the council will now move to upgrade the laneway to handle increased traffic and associated safety issues.

She told the DAP she was disappointed with the community consultation process, which informed only a narrow range of neighbours about the project.

She’d only found out about it when a councillor mentioned it to her at the Vincent amalgamation rally. By then the project had been recommended for approval, and four days later it was approved: “It was a pretty frustrating process because I felt the train had left the station,” Ms Cole says. “We were really gutted not to have a say. I was very surprised they had not expanded the consultation.”

She says letters should have gone to all residents potentially affected by the extra laneway traffic.

When Ms Cole subdivided her block she was made to surrender half-a-metre of land to allow for eventual laneway expansion.

She notes Psaros wasn’t required to do the same, meaning no widening can now take place, so she’s effectively given up her land for nothing.


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