Spy cam on 7th?

08. 794NEWSIt could be the worst typo of the campaign so far.

Perth federal Liberal candidate Darryl Moore is pledging $300,000 for CCTV in local crime hot-spots, including “Seventh Avenue” in Maylands.

Seventh Avenue is a quiet, leafy, suburban street.

Eighth Avenue, on the other hand, is where traders complain continually about abusive drunks who plague the shopping precinct near the train station, and congregate in and around the Rise (some traders even resort to locking themselves in their premises to escape outbursts of violence).

Mr Moore, a former engineer, admits to getting the streets mixed up.

“There was an honest typo and the flyer should have read $150,000 for CCTV to improve safety in the Maylands Eighth Avenue precinct, as reflected in my media release last week,” he confessed.

Mr Moore’s Beaufort Street office is around 3km from Eighth Avenue.



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