Simpson hardens split resolve

After premier Colin Barnett said he had no objection to all of Vincent being merged with Perth, WA local government minister Tony Simpson sent mayor Alannah MacTiernan a troubling contradictory missive.

In the letter Mr Simpson reiterates an earlier position, stating Vincent’s submission on boundary reform should be “consistent with the state government model”.

That means he wants it to submit to being split in half, with its northern section going to Stirling and everything to the south being shipped off to Perth.

If Vincent submits a different plan, Mr Simpson says, “I will then make by own proposals to the local government advisory board”.

Ms MacTiernan says, “this does not accord with the undertakings made by Eleni [Evangel, Perth Liberal MP] and the premier”. “They have just created this incredibly uncertain environment.”

Ms MacTiernan has written to the premier seeking clarity.

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