Split ‘madness’: Evangel


Perth Liberal MP Eleni Evangel has described as “madness” the Barnett government’s desire to split Vincent in two.

Ms Evangel this week delivered a 507-signature petition from Vincent residents wanting to join Perth—not Stirling—to Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi.

Under the proposed Barnett government plan Vincent is to be split down the middle, with half going to Perth and the other half to Stirling.

Indications the premier was willing to entertain the all-of-Perth push—subject to Vincent and Perth agreeing on the move—have been muddied in the past week by local government minister Troy Simpson ordering Vincent to make a submission broadly in line with the government’s recommended boundaries.

Ms Evangel, a former Perth city councillor, is defying the minister and hopes the lord mayor will too, by pushing for all of Vincent to join Perth in the PCC’s submission to the boundary review panel in late September.

“We live in Leederville and my husband and my daughter both work in the city,” Ms Evangel says.

“It’s the same for hundreds of other families who spend most of their working days in Perth and contribute so much to the city.

“To split Oxford Street down the middle is madness.”

A separate petition from Vincent city council will be presented to the WA government by mayor Alannah MacTiernan.

Scaffidi non-committal on Vincent marriage

Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi is refusing to say whether she supports a push to include all of Vincent within her council’s borders.

Without Perth’s support, Vincent’s campaign to be included wholly within the capital city’s borders is doomed to fail.

Premier Colin Barnett has made agreement between the two councils a key requirement of any departure from his preferred outcome, which is to split Vincent between both Perth and neighbouring Stirling.

“The city is still doing a full investigation of all aspects of this and as I hope many can appreciate it is not only Vincent we need to consider,” Ms Scaffidi told the Voice when asked where she stood on the issue.

“We are keen to grow and we understand the desires of many, but also the responsibility we owe to existing ratepayers and property owners.”

Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan is running a fierce campaign for all of Vincent to be amalgamated with Perth, and two weeks ago wrote to Ms Scaffidi seeking her support.


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