17. 797LETTERSA place in our community
THANK you to Patti Ferber of the Nulsen Association for writing that beautiful letter about community inclusion for severely disabled folk through Perth City Farm (Voice Mail, September 7, 2013).
We must never forget the fight for inclusion and welcoming disabled citizens into our communities. A past battlefield was the “Tresillian” affair some 37 years ago in 1976, when 18 severely and intellectually disabled “children” were evicted from their home in Nedlands.
“We don’t want them in our community, as their presence devalues our homes,” was one complaint from neighbours. I attended a protest meeting on July 12 which attracted some 250 family and friends, but to no avail.
A week later, on orders from premier Sir Charles Court, described as “a man with a heart of iron ore” the residents and staff were evicted, with police presence, to Forrestfield some 30km away. A lot of people were distressed, including the premier’s cabinet secretary, Ray Young, who immediately resigned and became a hero and an advocate for people living with a disability.
As it turned out, this eviction was a blessing in disguise, as it led to today’s community inclusion of people living with a disability.
William Booth
Queen St, Bentley

What did Perth ever do for Leederville?
IT has to be stated loud and clear—the current proposal for splitting up Vincent is absurd.
It completely ignores the WA government’s own Robson Report and to be honest is a kick in the guts for a community that appeared to be open to change.
Why would you split Leederville in half, why split Beaufort Street in half, why split what is a bustling, happy and tangible Vincent community in half?
Take Leederville as an example: The old City of Perth ignored Leederville for half a century. It doesn’t deserve to cherry-pick Leederville now, and god knows Leederville doesn’t deserve to be shafted back to a City of Perth that would be completely unaccountable to the Leederville community that actually loves and lives in Leederville.
And Beaufort Street—whichever genius decided Beaufort Street would benefit from having not one, not two, but three local governments in charge, well, they deserve an “idiot of the year” medal and to be put on paper clip-sorting duty for a month, if that’s not beyond them.
Are these people completely insane? Let’s get real… Vincent One In All In makes sense, we’ve got 6000 signatures to say Vincent folks want it, and if not for self-preservation of self-interested City of Perth Councillors it would happen.
If the City of Perth wants to be a real “capital city” then it needs to step up and embrace a significant residential community.  The metropolitan area is heading to two million, and yet you need just 2500 votes to be Lord Mayor? Lunacy.  I’m not really sure why the whole population sits back and lets our CBD be governed by the equivalent of the body corporate of Dog Swamp Shopping Centre.
To me it is simple: Earth to City of Perth… get with the program—real cities need real people! My message to Perth ratepayers—vote for councillors who want to lead a real city and not just enjoy the gravy train. My message to Vincent ratepayers—keep up the good fight!
Matt Buckels
Vincent city councillor

On the Macca bandwagon
THE article “Macca lifts Labor’s misery” (Voice, September 14, 2013) was a misleading piece of MacTiernan propaganda that misrepresented the election outcome and continued the MacTiernan mythology.
Despite the massive pro-MacTiernan media promotion through local papers and our daily and Sunday paper, as well as talkback radio, the fact is Alannah MacTiernan had the worst result of the three Labor-held seats in WA.
The swing against MacTiernan of 1.06 per cent was larger than the swing against Labor in the other two Labor seats of Fremantle and Brand, and it has left the Labor vote in Perth at its lowest in 30 years.
Perth is now a marginal rather than a safe Labor seat thanks to a solid campaign by Darryl Moore and the local Liberal Party members in a seat that had long been taken for granted as a Labor seat.
Maureen Meixner
First Ave, Mount Lawley
The Ed says: Maureen, Alannah MacTiernan received a lot of media in large part because she made herself available, was happy to answer questions and had a lot to say. Mr Moore on the other hand all-but hid from the media—including the Voice, which made many attempts to speak with him on the record—till the campaign was over. You can’t have it both ways.

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