Iconic goes a long way

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GIARDINI’S, Leederville:

Hipster bars and restaurant are opening up left, right and centre. And hipster bars and restaurants are closing down left, right and centre.

When fashions are changing quicker than you can say “in vogue” it is nice to know that some things stay the same. And staying true.

Leederville’s iconic Giardini’s is one of them.

They know classic. They know what people love. They’re not trying to invent a new fad in the hope that it’ll stick. They’re just doing what they’ve always done, and what they’re good at. They’re going with what’s working; with the tried, tested
and true.

Now in its 13th year running, Giardini’s is going from strength to strength and dishing up classic favourites, or variations thereof, with time proven recipes.

On one hand Italian and on the other a fusion of classic Australian they have many signature dishes on their impressive menu. For instance, there’s the Butterflied Garlic Tarragon Prawns perfect for a delicious start to any dining experience, and the Gnocchi with smoky Paprika Beef and Capsicum cooked with button mushrooms topped with shaved Parmesan. Or how about the Chicken and Mushroom Pappardelle with sautéed onions in a white cream sauce seasoned with garlic and paprika. Dishes worthy of Roman Gods.

Agnes Gould, owner-operator, has been in the game a long time. “A good, mouth-watering recipe never goes out of fashion” says Agnes. Fads come and go, one day it’s burgers the next day it’s sausages, but our recipes have stood the test of time and we know they’re working because people come back for more” she continues.

Giardini’s also the perfect spot for functions with an impressive set menu on offer for large parties and an extensive wine menu to please even the most critical of wine aficionado’s including wines from Margaret River, New Zealand and France.

Book now for your next dining night out, if you snooze you lose.



135 Oxford Street, Leederville
Phone 9242 2602

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