Another copper for council?

There could be a second copper on Vincent city council next month, with senior police officer Tony Brackenreg hoping to join traffic enforcer John Pintabona.

Mr Brackenreg says he’s running because he enjoys working with the community in his policing role, and Cr Pintabona encouraged him to put his hand up.

“I was a bit reluctant to start with but he was keen for me to get on board,” he says.

“I started as a police cadet and went into uniform at 19, and did a bit of country service.

“The most rewarding job I had was when I was officer in charge in Toodyay. I got involved with the community and made some positive differences.”

Mr Brackenreg, who’s not a member of any political party, lives on Stirling Street and has seen first-hand how the street prostitution problem boiled over.

He says another major issue for locals in the area is city commuters clogging streets and leaving residents completely parked out.

“I see it every day: People getting out of their cars in suits and walking into the city.”

He says Alannah MacTiernan did a good job as mayor and he supports her move for a plebiscite to ask locals who they’d prefer to merge with.

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