Montaut runs

04. 797NEWSKatrina Montaut (above) an ex-staffer for former state Labor MP John Hyde, will have a tilt at Vincent council.

Since Mr Hyde lost office in March, Ms Montaut says she’s enjoyed a break to “drink coffee and be fabulous,” while accepting some events consulting work.

As an electorate staffer much of her day to day work was helping locals with issues and she believes this will translate well to an elected council role.

“One particular lady used to complain that the soles of her shoes weren’t lasting as long as they used to,” she remembers. “She was gorgeous. We provided her advice on how to follow up with consumer affairs.”

An executive member on the Beaufort Street Network, she co-chaired the street’s festival. A long-time ALP member she wants better east-west transport and says Vincent needs to prepare for a merger with Perth brought down from on high by the Barnett government.

“We need to maintain and strengthen our community before we go into the shadow of the high rises,” she warns.

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