Games art cost goes up again

Even more cash is to be splashed out on the $59,800 sculpture Games by Chinese artist Chen Wen Ling.

An extra $6000 is required to install and light up the pricy purchase which Vincent city council picked up from the Sculpture on the Sea exhibition.

The council had originally planned to pay local artist Matt McVeigh $30,000 for his abstract sculpture: The backtracking caused no end of grief and wrangling.

Cr Dudley Maier—the only councillor to support McVeigh’s sculpture—voted against the extra outlay.

He said he’d since found online that Games was one of a series of eight identical pieces.

“It was disappointing to find out this wasn’t unique,” he said.

The location for the sculpture is still up in the air. A few ideas have been suggested like parks on the corner of Bulwer and Vincent, or further up Vincent on Charles Street.

Cr Matt Buckels described the latter location as a “pokey little corner on the most inhospitable park in Vincent”. Councillors will take extra time to wander through possible spots to pick the best.



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