Campbell keeps his word

Bruce Campbell is a man of his word: Last year he said he’d run against Perth city councillor Judy McEvoy for not supporting the Racism: It stops with me campaign and now he’s doing it.

The health and safety professional lives in Perth but on the Vincent council side, so he’s rented an office in the city to make him eligible.

“I thought: If someone was going to be openly opposed to a federal anti-racism strategy, that’s really not what you want to have in a Perth city council, being the hub of the state.”

His anti-racism stance was forged while growing up around the outer south-eastern suburb of Thornlie: “I’ve always been aware of racism in the community: Growing up in a multicultural suburb, you’ve got mates you’re hanging around with and someone will come along and call them something out of the blue, you’ve got to respond to that and stand up for your mate. I saw friends shaken, upset, and angry.”

But he says he’s not a single-issue candidate, and reckons his background in health and safety can help make Perth a safer place and reduce crime, with opportunities for improved lighting, working with police and implementing “designing out crime” principles.

“I have got a very strong, practical skill I can offer the residents rather than just representing a certain business group.”

The 38-year old is also keen to support multicultural events in the city: “It’s important to send a clear and strong tone of welcome towards people from other nations, whether they are holidaying here, visiting relatives or even considering relocating and setting up a business. They need to feel welcome.”


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