Rubbish row over

After fierce negotiation and expensive supreme court action, Stirling council will rejoin the Mindarie regional council.

The decision will save Vincent ratepayers $300,000 in rubbish fees over this financial year.

The MRC is the organisation that takes rubbish from member councils. The more councils involved, the cheaper it is to drop off a tonne of rubbish.

Stirling got fed up with the MRC’s fees, especially given its rubbish was pre-treated and easier to process, and threatened to pull out. Two-years of negotiation and hand-wringing followed as Vincent’s fees shot skywards.

Outgoing Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan made it her mission to keep Stirling on board saying, “it is completely unacceptable that a council like Stirling would be allowed to bail out and then our ratepayers have to pick up the increased cost”.

At her final meeting Ms MacTiernan announced the negotiations had been successful and Stirling would stick around.

Stirling mayor David Boothman says the council decided to stay in because it was offered a discounted rate.

“They said ‘we want you to come back in because it will reduce everyone’s fees; As an enticement we’ll give you a discount” that’ll last four or five years.


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