Globe is good–no need for spin

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The 40-watt smile of the staff at the Globe Coffee House is better than a jolt of black coffee when it comes to a pre-work breakfast.

The cafe makes no pretence to be anything but what it is, a homely little place that exudes a pleasant ambience, rather than the urban grunge so beloved of trendier eateries.

It reminded me of a cafe that had become a regular for the D’Angers during our sojourn in Capo d’Orlando, perhaps it was the semi-open area fronting the pavement and the red flowering geraniums.

Taking in the mostly Chinese-Australian staff juxtaposed with the mediterranean menu, we entertained ourselves with ideas of a remote village in the northern Italian mountains peopled by a relatively unknown offshoot of the Han people.

The Globe changed hands earlier in the year, and has been growing customers ever since, from all reports especially for the coffee.

A couple of big glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice ($6.50) cooled parched throats, while we waited for our food.

Crostini ($14.50) means “little toast” in Italian, which seemed appropriate for breakfast, especially as it came with avocado, “rosemary-kissed mushrooms”, and cherry tomato salsa.

I’d love to know from where the avocado was sourced as it was one of the best I’ve tasted in a long time. To put a dressing on it would have been sacrilegious.

The mushies were pretty damn fine too and the cherry tomatoes came with a sharp, salty fetta.

I could have ordered Dave’s meal even without his seeing the menu: Poached eggs on toast, topped with smoked salmon ($14).

He was a happy little vegemite tucking into his perfectly poached eggs.

“Soft and runny, not hard,” he managed to smile between mouthfuls.

I urged our spare wheel to let rip and order the “rather large breakfast” ($21).

Its two rashers of bacon, free-range eggs, cherry tomatoes, field mushrooms, beef chipolatas, hashbrown and toast were tempting but she was exhausted just reading it, and opted instead for pancakes ($14.50).

They arrived swimming in maple syrup and were “light, with a lovely cinnamon flavour,” while the sharpness of the Greek yoghurt and berries was the perfect foil to the sweetness of the syrup, she said.

The Globe is open for dinner, with a menu that includes tiger prawn spaghetti ($28) and Amelia Park scotch fillet ($30) or pumpkin pie, with spinach and ricotta ($22). Good prices, particularly for this end of town.

Or check out the lunch menu, where the range includes free-range chicken burger and chips ($18) or a steak sandwich ($19.50).

There’s nothing fancy about the Globe, but it’s well-priced and has an old-fashioned charm and comfort missing in many a trendy cafe making it well worth a visit.


The Globe Coffee House
672 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
open 7 days
9271 3408

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