Letters 9.11.13

11. 804LETTERSShoot the owners
AFTER re-reading “Death of a dingo-dog” (Voice, November 2, 2013) a couple of times can I suggest the “owner” of the dog be “put down” and the dog given to a new owner with the ability and desire to train the dog to be a normal pet. Dogs—even dingo-rottweiler crosses—can be trained to be gentle and behave in the normal manner that dogs behave.
Nick Agocs
Malton Court, Dianella

Squiggly mess
THE Mary Street Bakery has replaced the mural they painted over (Voice, November 2, 2013). Great, but sorry, the new mural isn’t a patch on the old. Lots of meaningless squiggles—the local artists did a much better job.
Val Marsden
Clotilde St, Mt Lawley

Creativity dims
I FIND it sad and concerning that some artists actually believe that simply reproducing enlarged versions of everyday inanimate objects such as lamps (Voice, November 2, 2013) is anything but a gimmick: an endlessly repeatable, pointless exercise, easily copied by other self-deluded practitioners of this perplexing “art”, bereft of ideas, inspiration, originality or rich reward—in short, absolute banality.
It should not have taken councillors more than three seconds—enough time for a gasp of disbelief—to rule out this pretentiously inadequate offering. Judging this “jumbo” lamp inoffensive is not the point. Surely our community deserves better: an art capable of inviting our active engagement, an adventurous, creatively challenging and impressive art form.
In terms of value, I would prefer a functioning ‘60s lamp rather than this thing the artist thinks is art. At least a real lamp promotes vision. This imitation lamp is devoid of vision.
Vincent Sammut
Franklin St, Leederville

It’s all fine
I REFER to “Parking far from fine” (Voice Mail, November 2, 2013) from A Ismailjee, of Lord Street, Highgate.
Whilst I will not comment on specific cases, as it would be inappropriate to do so, I strongly repudiate Mr Ismailjee’s assertion of improper conduct. The city’s officers carry out their duties in a fair, equitable and objective manner, in accordance with legislation.
The city strongly refutes any harassment of any appellant to parking fines. All persons have an opportunity to appeal a fine according to the city’s established process of appeal. It is also always the prerogative of an alleged offender to have a matter decided upon by a magistrate and in a court of law, should they wish to take the matter further.
It should be noted the fines enforcement process is set up by the WA state government, not local government, and nor the City of Vincent. If a person does not pay the fine, or make time-to-pay arrangements within 28 days of receiving the fine, the court refers the matter to the fines enforcement registry.
Whilst all people have a right to refuse to make the required payment, the city has a standard procedure for all parking infringement notices as set by the fines, penalties and infringement notices enforcement Act 1994. Failure to pay the required amount can result in the loss of a person’s driver’s licence, or of any vehicle licence owned by the person refusing to pay such a fine.
I trust this clarifies all concerns raised and refutes the assertions made in the letter.
John Giorgi
CEO, City of Vincent

I DROVE past the new mural at the Mary Street Bakery (Voice, November 2, 2013). How ugly and dull compared to the lovely bright mural they replaced. Why a Sydney-based artist when we have so many local artists like Konfucius, whose work is so good? Thumbs down to that mural. Yuk!
Donelle Phillips
Barlee St, Mt Lawley

Vets, votes and cronies
WHY do veteran councillors continue to be re-elected? Yes, it’s happened again.
Here’s my reasoning. I stress “my reasoning”, not necessarily the general reasoning. Usually, when re-elected, veterans immediately deplore publicly the low turnout. In private they are probably ecstatic.
Over the years—for a couple of decades or even longer—they have most likely established a network of cronies. So when the time arrives for them to plead for our votes, the pleas are a disguised calling in of favours. In this there’s no actual wrongdoing that can be pointed out—nevertheless, in contemplation it prompts an uneasiness, a distaste.
It would be fascinating to find out the percentage of cronies in low turnouts. The veterans would, of course, become instant history were local government elections to become compulsory. How they must dread such a prospect. For that matter so do I. Such a move would, indeed, to quote the Voice’s front page headline of a few weeks ago, “democra-sigh”. Just as undemocratic as the farcical “compulsory” federal and state elections.
As for the veterans’ “wisdom”, my understanding is all this is collected in the archives and waiting to be accessed. So nothing lost of this nature with their departure. Quite the contrary.
The solution? Two-term limits for councillors, please. This first suggested, incidentally, almost a decade ago by then-Perth city councillor, Lisa Scaffidi.
Ron Willis
Cricket historian & novelist
First Ave, Mt Lawley

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