Wheatbelt waves

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HELENA TAY has given the wheatbelt a funky makeover, transforming the long journey from Perth to Wave Rock into a feel-good YouTube hit.

Her tourism video Rock out on the Pathways to Wave Rock attracted 9000 hits in one week and featured on GWN7 and several other media outlets.

The video showcases tiny towns such as Narembeen and Kulin,  often overlooked by tourists on the four-hour drive.

“The locals were so friendly and they were great at doing all the funky dance moves,”

Tay, a graphic designer at the Voice, and filmmaker husband Richard Eames spent more than a year planning and painstakingly storyboarding the four-minute video, before shooting over four weekends in October and November.

Tay says their decision to use locals, rather than paid actors, lends the video authenticity.

“The locals were so friendly and they were great at doing all the funky dance moves,” she says.

“I think they really captured the essence of the tiny towns we shot in.

“It was quite funny because when we got there it kept raining and we had to go back around four times to get all the footage.”

Fremantle band San Cisco allowed their jaunty song Rocket Ship to be used as a feel-good backing track.

The video was commissioned by the Roe Tourism Association, a not-for-profit collaboration between shires in the region. Tay’s budget from the RTA covered the cost of filming. To see the video go here: www.pathwaystowaverock.com.au


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