A Carr Street classic

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I WAS on the horns of a dilemma—a painful place to be to be sure.

Join the queue of people waiting to order and risk being late for my appointment, or grab something quick and run.

Sayers in Leederville was pumping and it was only 10.30am so I figured the food was worth making someone wait.

The cafe is one of a number of funky eateries on Carr Street.

“Hip, but not pretentious, fashionable yet classic,” is the cafe’s claim, and it’s spot on. This is a delightfully trendy place with heart and cheerful, efficient service.

The queue was dealt with quickly and in no time we were seated at a table in the lovely courtyard garden, sheltered from the sun by trees and shade sails.

The walkway from the street to office behind Sayers also has seating, and is a pleasant spot in the thick of things, but still relaxed.

Tight ship

Chef Mark Sayers must run a tight ship because it seemed almost no time before our food arrived.

“Hip, but not pretentious, fashionable yet classic,”

In my case a piping hot tagine holding a fabulous, rich tomato dish of coriander, cumin and beans, topped with a delicious babaganoush ($16).

The tagine normally comes with an egg, but I opted for a potato cake instead.

It annoys me when eateries charge for extras but don’t reduce the cost if you want something left out so imagine my delight to discover the potato cake appeared on the bill as a replacement, at no extra charge. That’s what I call service.

The cake was a generous serve of roughly mashed potato spiced with mustard seed.

My breakfast companion threw caution to the wind ordering the unusual sounding maple and cumin sweet potato, ricotta and pine nut crepe—with a side serve of poached eggs, rocket and sweet potato crisps ($17.50).

She was rewarded with a fantastic meal that was like nothing she’d eaten before.

And I can vouch for the sweet potato chips being scrumptious.

Eying off the mouth-watering selection of cakes while waiting to order, I was cursing I wouldn’t have time to indulge in a slice of the coconut/lime brulee.

But there’s always next time, when I can also take up Sayers’ assertion its Brazilian Ipanema and Balenese Begus Sekali coffee bean mix is really something.

And, thanks to efficient service, I made my appointment on time by the skin of my teeth.


Sayers Food
224 Carr Place, Leederville
9227 1429
open 7 days for breakfast
and lunch

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