LETTERS 8.3.12

17. 820LETTERSSuit up, fellas
WHAT is wrong with young Perth men? Perth young women: attractive, well-dressed when they go to town during the day or at night. Perth young men: sloppy, wear pants that don’t fit and/or hang down and shirts that hang out of their pants.
They don’t look after themselves, but look rotten, are awfully slovenly,  shoddy, more than casual, untidy, look lazy, cheap, low-down, careless, trashy, tasteless, rubbishy, crummy, worthless, poor (not in an economic but attractive sense), lousy, inconsiderate to their partners who dress nicely and with concern, yes, sub-standard, tacky shall I go on?
Don’t they have revenues for shoes rather than flip-flops and mirrors to look into? One doesn’t find those bargain-basement-shabby male appearances in Melbourne or Sydney, let alone overseas. Do Perth’s young men want to make the absolute anti-cool, anti-acceptable, anti-attractive and crude-appearance statement?
If that’s the case, they have won first place! If I was a young woman with a date who looks like these young Perth men, I’d send him to get dressed or seek excitement elsewhere. A dress “doesn’t make a person?” Really? It’s the first outward appearance of one’s inner perception of life and, if going out with an attractive and consciously put together partner, a sign of disrespect and even insult. It denigrates the partner.
Monkia Zechetmayr
Charles St, North Perth

Stirling spot on
THE City of Stirling was spot on with its cartoon video (Voice, March 1, 2014) illustrating what the local government reform process is all about.
The state government, breaking an election promise, is forcing suburbs from one local authority to another simply to prop up smaller councils and in the case of Stirling, also transferring a large chunk of its cash reserves.
Community of interest and the history of a local area are totally ignored. For example, Inglewood’s community of interest is centred on Beaufort Street towards Mt Lawley, not Morley/Bayswater. First Avenue to Central Avenue was originally called Inglewood which is why the Inglewood Hotel is now in Mt Lawley. Mt Lawley PS was originally Inglewood PS and the current Inglewood PS was originally called North Inglewood PS.
In the case of Dianella, plain commonsense is ignored with major community facilities and a proposed light rail ending up on the border of the new Morley council, creating inefficiencies in service delivery and preventing optimal planning outcomes.
Some 184 concerned Stirling residents attended the community rally in Inglewood and more than 200 in Dianella. Unless the community is listened to and its views represented by ‘local’ members and not ‘party’ members of parliament this issue will fester until the next state election.
Paul Collins
Meenaar Cres, Coolbinia

Missed point
MARIE SLYTH (Voice Mail, March 1, 2014) takes issue with Mark Rossi for saying, “I am against heritage restrictions being placed on your property without consent” when, in her view, he should have been aware Vincent council has said “the city will consult first with property owners regarding …heritage issues before taking any conclusive action”.
Ms Slyth mistakenly seems to equate the council’s offer to consult, with a right for owners to withhold consent which is what Mr Rossi wants. The right to withhold consent means surety for property owners over the destiny of their homes.
No such surety is available with the council’s consultation process. The ultimate power to decide is with council. Home owners ought not to imagine the consultation process offers them a guarantee their wishes will be observed.
It seems Ms Slyth missed this critical difference. Consultation is merely a conversation with no legal power on the part of a home owner to say “no”. Having the legal right to withhold consent puts the power in the hands of the person whose property is at issue.
Vincent Sammut
Franklin St, Leederville

Sack her!
REMEMBER when Tony Abbott stood in front of a placard on the back of a truck in Perth claiming “ditch the witch” referring to Julia Gillard?
Well, I can remember the Left went feral: the feminists went feral and now we have the classic form of hypocrisy from the Left. ABC anchor Whitney Fitzsimmons tells us what she thinks of Tony Abbott by wearing a F…. Tony Abbott t-shirt in public.
The Left is particularly good at preaching but not good at practice: any wonder the ABC has to be privatised or in this case Whitney Fitzsimmons should be removed.
SM Livingston
David St, Yokine

Blame us
POLITICAL apathy has arisen from our being obliged to vote for the least evil on offer. It is likely to become worse before improving; and we have only ourselves to blame.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

Let us reflect
THE names suggested (Voice, March 1, 2014) for the park in Wade Street, Perth, do not reflect the intent of the Vietnamese community to thank Australians for the way in which refugees arriving by boat after the Vietnam war were accepted. Any name chosen should do this, be it in English or Vietnamese.
David Durrant
Wade St, Perth

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