Mertome meet

TERRY KENYON has requested an urgent meeting between Bayswater city council and residents of Mertome aged care village.

“Residents want to know if the village is going to be sold or if there will be a commitment to the future tenure of the village,” the former mayor told council.

The council is considering a $175 million redevelopment of the aged care site: four options range from 257 to 396 apartments, over five to seven storeys. Some $22 million is required to fund the first stage.

The council has $9m from the aged persons home and is looking to fund the $13m shortfall.

The Winifred Road home was established in 1972 and accommodates 213 people in 200 units.

It was the first of its kind to be constructed by a council and pioneered councils’ involvement in aged care. Many are now getting out of it.

Mertome’s tired facilities and pressing demand have prompted the redevelopment.


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