Trading pains

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MT LAWLEY shop owners are losing patience with Beaufort Street roadworks that have taken nine months so far, with no sign of being completed anytime soon.

The works are scheduled to finish in July and include widening to accommodate bus lanes, upgrades to drainage pipes and new footpaths.

Memory Lane owner Gail Pether says some shops are without power and the piecemeal nature of the roadworks has hurt trade.

“You can put up with roadworks for a day or two, but when it’s going on for three months it becomes really difficult,” she says.

“We had to deliver to our corporate clients because it took them too long to get here, and we had dust and dirt blowing into the shop a lot.

“The most annoying thing is that they don’t do it a section at a time, they kept doing a bit, then coming back a week later to do another small bit—it’s never-ending.”

Kevin’s Deli owner Kevin says business has taken a hit.

“It’s definitely had an impact on our sales.”

“This is the kind of shop where people stop to make an impulse buy,” he says.

“So when they see roadworks, some of them will drive on and stop somewhere more convenient.

“It’s definitely had an impact on our sales.”

A Rock Inn staffer says awnings and signage had to be removed over Christmas.

“It was a bit of an inconvenience during our busiest time,” he says.

“We had to put covers over the windows to protect the guitars from the sun.

“We’ve also had problems with our telephone lines recently, but I couldn’t say if it was directly related to the roadworks.”

Stirling council director Geoff Eves says disruption to business is unavoidable.

“All of the elements are being carried out within carefully planned traffic management processes to ensure the safety of construction staff, pedestrians and motor traffic,” he says.

“While some disruption to business in the area is unavoidable during these major works, the upgrades should prove a benefit to local business on completion by providing a better transport route and improved pedestrian access.”

The works are part of a trial to create a bus route that will ultimately extend along Beaufort Street, through Perth and to UWA and the QEII medical centre.


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