Another Mexican for Beaufort

THE empty corner shop that used to house part of Planet Video is to be occupied by Mexican chain Guzman y Gomez.

Guzman y Gomez has 40 stores across Australia and the Beaufort Street branch is now applying for a liquor licence arguing it’s a “low risk restaurant operation”.

It marks the same old story on Beaufort Street, with another retailer being replaced by an eatery. The street is abuzz during the evening when bars are filled, but struggles during the day. That said, the place was empty for two years so wannabe retailers had plenty of time to put in a bid.

Bodkins Bootery was replaced by an icecream chain and Allure Furniture is in the midst of transforming into a cafe.

It’s a crowded Mexican market that Guzman y Gomez is hoping to break into, with Beaufort Street already boasting el Publico, Pancho’s Mexican Villa, Salsa’s Mexican Grill and Zambrero.


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