Hound stalks the north

A ROGUE Irish wolfhound is stalking the streets of North Perth.

The giant pooch keeps escaping from its Claverton Street yard and has been known to attack other dogs. Once it jumped from a moving car to go another dog walking on the footpath.

One neighbour says he came home once to find the wolfhound in his yard playing with his dog: it had jumped its own fences.

The colossus hasn’t displayed aggression towards people but its escapades have been going on for a year with plenty of complaints to Vincent council.

Acting CEO Mike Rootsey says the owner was fined $100 after the dog wandered into a business premises “without consent”. Rangers impounded it.

He says rangers checked on it again this week to make sure the pooch was in its yard and they’ll keep an eye on the area in case it goes roaming again.

Irish wolfhounds weigh up to 70kg and stretch taller than 2m when standing on their hind legs. They’re usually friendly around children and modern breeds are much gentler than their war-dog origins, but their historical motto is “gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked”.


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