Bit slow to catch up with vote

06. 832NEWSA SLOW point has been installed by mistake on Palmerston Street because Vincent council workers were using old plans. Whoopsy.

The choke point forces cars heading in one direction to halt while those going the other way continue: it cost between $5000 and $10,000 to put in.

Councillors had voted 7-1 in February 2013 to ditch it, with only then-councillor John Carey supporting it.

Acting CEO Mike Rootsey says the slow point was “originally recommended [by staff] due to residential demand to prevent rat-running and speeding cars on the street and help to slow down traffic in a key cycling corridor”.

“The council administration is reviewing processes to ensure this kind of error does not happen.” While residents wanted more safety measures on the street the slow point isn’t popular.

Louise Bonivento hopped on the council’s Facebook page to ask “why do councils insist on modifying roads that worked completely fine the way they are/were. I am totally and utterly baffled!

“The ‘slow point’ is just going to create congestion down there, you watch. And it’s already painful there at peak hours.” As far as we know it’s staying put for now.



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