Maylands liquor meeting Monday

MAYLANDS Labor MP Lisa Baker has enlisted Channel 7 in her battle against a Dan Murphy’s liquor barn planned for Maylands.

The 990sqm bottleshop—part of a redeveloped $3.5 million Peninsula Tavern—has proved unpopular with both Bayswater city council and Maylands Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association, which say access to cheap grog contributes to anti-social problems throughout the district.

Today Tonight met with residents and community leaders at the Maylands Dome cafe Friday afternoon.

“People are being blackmailed by being told they will not get a new tavern if the liquor store element is rejected,” Ms Baker says.

“There is also fear-mongering that business on Eighth Avenue will suffer if the development falls through.

“It’s all rubbish—a myth is being sold that Dan Murphy’s is a high-end boutique; but this is a 990sqm store that will include discounted alcohol.”

The WA racing and gaming department will accept public submissions on Woolworths’ liquor licence application for the next three weeks, before deciding whether to hold a commission hearing.

MRRA president Roger Tomlins says his group will lodge an objection: “We feel that should this development be approved then it will set a precedent and Coles will put forward a new development proposal for its Guildford Road site to include a modified First Choice discounted liquor store.”

The MRRA will hold a meeting at 7.30pm Monday at the Autumn Centre to discuss its submission.


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