Let’s Toast

TOAST, Fremantle


STREETBAND’S 1970s one hit wonder Toast is a humorous ode to the humble slice of bread.

[And] cafes couldn’t cater for the finer things in life:
The upper crust was not for me, I could tell that.

So I’d go back home, switch the kitchen light on, put the grill on, slip a slice under

And have toast

A little piece of toast.

The folk at Toast in East Perth know a good thing when they hear it and the menu is also an ode to toast.

You can have it white or wholegrain ($5.90), rye or raisin ($6.50) or maybe fig and walnut is your thing—there’s even banana bread ($6.90).

And there’s a range of things on toast including choc hazelnut, mascarpone, toasted almonds and honey, or avocado and vegemite ($11).

Then there’s the “special to toast”, including corn fritters with bacon and maple syrup ($16.90), or the potato, mint and feta pancakes with smoked salmon, poached eggs, sour cream and chives ($16.90).

Which is what my lunch mate ordered.

14. 823FOOD

Swapping the salmon for bacon was no problem to the helpful staff.

Funnily enough, there’s actually no toast involved in the dish—the bacon and eggs sit instead atop a couple of delicious potato rostis. I’d call it toast-modern.

Toast and Marmalade is a favourite for me, both Australian Tin Tin’s 1971 song and the actual food.

But once I spotted the spinach, pumpkin and blue cheese crepes ($16) the hankering for jellied citrus on charred bread flew from my mind.

The piquant sharpness of the cheese was magnificent with the sweetness of the pumpkin, and all was ably assisted with a serve of spicy rocket drizzled with a delicious dressing, making my taste buds zing in a way a jar of Cottee’s never could.

Actually they were already whistling a tune after the first sip of the bug-a-lugs, a mix of cranberry, beetroot and carrot juice ($7.90).

As a fan of the juice of the sweet beet in its many variations it was a particularly fine combo.

Winter sunshine beat down brightly on the Claisebrook inlet, ducks paddled by sedately and all was well with the world as far as I could see.

And things only got better with the addition of a deliciously rich slice of choc-cherry cake ($7.90) for me and cherry pie and thick, almost clotted, cream ($7.60) for my mate, and of course a couple of delicious coffees were the icing on the cake, so to speak.

60 Royal Street, East Perth
9221 0771
open 7 days, 7am–7pm

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