Letters 14.7.14

13. 834LETTERSUp to the artists
I AM writing to correct a statement attributed to me (“Jarrah bridges old and new,” Voice, June 7, 2014).
The article states I’d said, “we surveyed the community on what they would like to see in the artwork and then conveyed that to the artists.
This is not correct. Creative Maylands asked the community to tell us what the 7th Avenue bridge means to them. We compiled people’s comments as a snapshot of local sentiment for the old bridge and provided this information to shortlisted artists during a site briefing.
Ultimately, it was up to the artists as to whether they made use of this information in developing their artwork concepts.
Anne Goodall
Founder, Creative Maylands

News can be biased, but not the ABC
I REFER to the letter by Ryan McNiece (Voice Mail, June 7, 2014) wherein he bemoans his perceived bias of News Corporation towards the Liberal Party. He further states that picking on the ABC for its bias towards the left is a “small matter”
The difference between the two is that News Corp is a privately owned, funded and run company and not funded by the taxpayers, as is the ABC.
Any political party, pressure group or otherwise  is entitled to raise money from the public or its members and disseminate its views by way of print of other media.
But when a body is publically funded, as is the ABC,  its function should be to inform with as much of an even hand as possible and not  blatantly take political sides.
The ABC should not be telling either a Labor or Liberal story.
I live in hope!
Michael Sutherland
Liberal MLA for Mt Lawley
The Ed says: And of course the Howard government-initiated inquiry into bias found precisely that to be the case, that the ABC was completely balanced and fair. Perhaps News Corp has become so right wing that even the centre appears to be left wing these days?

Wrong folk getting evicted
WELLINGTON SQUARE has always been a resting and meeting place for indigenous folk for many years now.
They comprise mainly of patients with serious illnesses that are sent to the city for treatment from all over the state to be assessed by specialists and undergo treatment not available in isolated areas.
They are usually provided with a tiny allowance of about $60 a night for accommodation close to the hospital that includes meals. Anyone know of any accommodation with meals for that amount in the city?
There is also a number of local homeless people and drifters that include caucasians that gather there as well as a result of being drummed out of the city precinct by City of Perth enforcers.
It is acknowledged that there is a certain amount of alcohol consumed in the park but overall these folk keep to themselves and are antagonised by the odd caucasian and particularly by the constant hen-pecking of the uniformed brigade who act on any trivial complaint and thrives on the easy frivolous arrest and occasional taser practice.
Where are these people supposed to go? Evict them from their own land maybe to Manus Island?
Mayor Scaffidi and deputy Butler should remove [themselves from City Hall] temporarily, alight from the chauffeur-driven limousine and perhaps spend a bit of time with these people to discuss alternatives and solutions. Better still, instead of entertaining the regulars and [usual] mates at Council House why not invite some folk from Wellington Square to the dinner as a gesture of goodwill.
George Bouzidis
Third Ave, Mount Lawley

Where is the ‘judgement’ in established fact?
ATTORNEY-GENERAL George Brandis made a most remarkable statement on ABC Radio’s PM program June 5.
The Coalition government will delete the term “occupied territory” in reference to Israel’s settlements in Palestine because “it’s a judgemental term”.
This foul and malicious verbal trickery comes with ominous implications for the future of truth in politics and world affairs in Australia.
Do we want to be led by a band of Machiavellian manipulators of reality who seek to rewrite historical fact in deference to Israel’s political imperatives?
Logic dictates that if it is a fact that Palestine is a territory and it is also a fact that Israel occupies that territory then the combined term “occupied territory” must also be a fact; it’s unavoidable.
Where, pray tell, is the judgement? This government has consistently maintained an obsequious acquiescence to Israel’s every wish. Now, in its one-eyed determination to serve its chosen “friend” it even willing to abolish logic and to render meaning, meaningless. What makes us think it will treat us any better?
Vincent Sammut
Franklin St, Leederville

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