New face for markets

A NASCENT community group led by Catherine Ehrhardt is set to take over the running of the Maylands Hawkers Market.

The Maylands Lions Club oversaw a successful 12-month trial of the markets, but struggled to get enough volunteers to support the weekly event at The Rise.

The Lions have agreed for it to be managed by Local Arts and Community Events, formed by Ms Ehrhardt, a former Lions member who was instrumental in managing the markets trial.

She says she and her six members are enthusiastic and full of energy.

“I didn’t feel that I was getting enough support when I was organising the markets before, so hopefully this time everyone will be onboard and help out.

“We have young enthusiastic people in the group, so hopefully it will be all hands on deck.”

Bayswater city council will vote on whether to extend the Hawkers market later this month.



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