Super-Recycler says Yellow bin your plastic

06. 839NEWS

• Super-Recycler (Eddie) and Conor help Vincent mayor John Carey bin plastics. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

WITH a bid to ban plastic bags stalled, Vincent council’s moved to at least allow residents to recycle them.

Up till now the bags just ended up in landfill to rot over the next 500 or so years. With the average person using about 200 a year, that’s 270 tonnes of bags for Vincent alone.

It’ll cost the council an extra $80,000 a year to recycle the bags, and $20,000 to let locals know they can now be yellow-binned, along with plastics numbered 1-7.

“Clearly there’s been some confusion in the community about what you can recycle,” mayor John Carey says. “It has been quite some time since we had an education campaign.”

The move to recycle bags comes after former mayor Alannah MacTiernan’s attempt to ban them altogether.

That bid’s been held up: Vincent’s waiting to see what happens with Fremantle’s ban. The port city’s attempt was fouled by the WA government on a technicality but it’s coming back for a second try.

“We’ll nick great ideas from other councils,” Mr Carey says, “we’re not going to reinvent the wheel.” He concedes recycling’s still the second-best option, and it’s best to simply not get a plastic bag in the first place.

The council’s also starting up a mattress collection services, since verge shoppers will pick up just about everything on a kerb but soiled mattresses.


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