Big plans for old bottleyard

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• McDonald Jones Architects’ concept for the old bottleyard in Palmerston Street.

A WHOPPER new 125-unit development is set to replace what has been a bare patch of sand on Palmerston Street ever since Alan Bond’s old bottle yard was torn down.

While 6.5m too high and with 48 more units than it’s supposed to have, the developers hope “design excellence” and “sustainable design features” will win it the nod from the largely unelected local development assessment panel.

The owner is so confident he’s already started selling off the plan—before a decision has even been made.

McDonalds Jones Architects’ five-storey design—with an open-interior “campus” splitting different sections—resembles a mini-city.

With a 260kw solar array, it’s one of the largest solar setups in the southern hemisphere.

Designers give a nod to the site’s history, incorporating the colours of historic bottles found there into its windows.

But neighbours aren’t happy with the height, arguing three storeys fit the neighbourhood better. Peter Holcz from the Palmerston Precinct Group says, “I recognise that the area in question does need to be developed and that it will be a multi-dwelling development”.

He says the appearance of this one “does look attractive with respect to finish and design…however, it is the massive scale that is of major concern.”

Neighbours cite traffic concerns as Palmerston Street is “already under stress” with two traffic-calming measures in place to slow people down. Neighbours would also like the rooftop terrace moved park-side to cut down noise and privacy concerns.

Mr Bond sold the yard—at that stage still bottling milk, medicine, cola and booze—to Perth city council in 1987. It was knocked down two years later.

The block was transferred to Vincent town council ownership, which then sold it at auction. Apart from an archeological dig in 2001 that uncovered hundreds of historic bottles, little has happened on the site.


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