Units replace grog shop

20140724 - Metro North-West JDAP - Agenda - No 59 - City of Stir

• A concept of how the Liquorland site on Beaufort Street will look.

A LOCAL development assessment panel has approved redevelopment of the Liquorland site in Mt Lawley, despite concerns over a parking shortfall.

The site, at the corner of Beaufort Street and Second Avenue, will be a three-storey mixed-use development and include a small bar, two offices and eight multiple dwellings.

Stirling city council staff reported the development had a 20-bay shortfall in non-residential parking spaces.

DAP presiding member Karen Hyde says a condition of approval was the applicant providing funds for the city to improve parking.

“The conditional approval included payment by the applicant to the city of cash-in-lieu sum for the parking shortfall,” she wrote.

“The monies paid will be kept in a special city fund and then used by the city to provide and maintain public parking in the immediate area.”

The site is opposite the Rock Inn music shop. A staffer said there was sufficient bays around the shop for customers.

He didn’t want to comment until he had time to look at more detailed plans of the development.

Ms Hyde said conditions were also placed on the small bar element of the proposal.

“…the panel required an additional advice notice on the conditional approval to encourage the applicant to provide signage in the small bar to remind customers to respect the amenity of the neighbourhood.”


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