Bikers boycott

CYCLISTS are promising to boycott Leederville cafe Greens & Co, painting owner Stuart Lofthouse as bikeist.

Mr Lofthouse says he doesn’t oppose bike lanes in principle, he just doesn’t want them down Oxford Street. He was wrestled to the ground by rangers at a Vincent council meeting last week after refusing to leave for constantly interjecting during proceedings (Voice, July 26, 2014).

Mayor John Carey had asked numerous times for him to be quiet and had asked his partner, Debbie Saunders, to retract her remark that staff were “incompetents”.

Following the meeting, cyclists read Mr Lofthouse’s outburst as anti-cycling (though Voice readers will know he has a long history of opposition to the council that’s not confined to bike lanes).

The Bicycle Transport Alliance paid to promote its post on Facebook saying “what I witnessed there was a vehement attack on the democratic process by people opposed to the bike plan and cycling”.

“Boycott these establishments,” Steven McKeirnan posted.

“I was shocked and disgusted at the contempt that these well-known individuals displayed for the democratic and civil process, while at the same time scream about their own rights,” posted Marti Hughes, who in the past has criticised Mr Lofthouse online.

“The mayor and the council handled the situation respectfully and deserve the full community support. Do not believe the rubbish you are likely to read in the Voice,” he added.

Facebooker Jennifer van den Hoek contacted a slew of other riders who’d checked in to Greens & Co and suggested they join the boycott. Another rider said they knew 48 cyclists who wouldn’t return.

Vincent councillor Matt Buckels, a keen cyclist, was more circumspect in his online musings: “Ok things went too far on Tuesday but ‘business owner thinks council is incompetent/fools’ happens all over the world it’s no big deal. Personally I like Greens and 50ml and won’t be avoiding them over this.”


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