Kids targeted

03. 841NEWS

• What a vandal thinks of local Jewish children.

CHILDREN at a Jewish school have been labelled “Zionist scum”.

A vandal scrawled the term at the entry gates of the Carmel school in Yokine, which promotes iself as providing a “Zionist, Modern Orthodox education”.

The vandalism follows Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, which has so far claimed 1200 lives, many of them women and children. The offensive was launched in response to rocket attacks from Hamas-led Gaza.

In Britain there’s been a sharp rise in anti-semitic incidents since the offensive. The Daily Mail reports 100 hate crimes recorded by police and community groups this month, a doubling of usual rates.

Here in Perth, Ros Weatherall from police media says “WA police has not received any further complaints related to anti-semitic vandalism”.

The school did not respond to the Voice’s request for comment.


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