Protests silenced

07. 841NEWSPROTEST signs on Oxford Street’s cafe strip have been ordered removed after Vincent council took umbrage at the remarks.

In the past the council’s taken a hands-off approach whenever Debbie Saunders or Stuart Lofthouse erected their anti-council statements above Greens & Co—our personal favourite is a reference to “MacTiernanmen Square—but following last week’s council meeting, and a series of offensive emails, the gloves have come off.

Mr Lofthouse’s constant interjecting resulted in him being ordered to leave, which he didn’t, so he was wrestled to the ground. He later accompanied police to give a statement, but was not charged.

“Vincent council use violence to silence critics,” the sign on Ms Saunders’ 50ml cafe reads.

“Vincent council assault ratepayer at council meeting,” the one above Greens & Co blurts.

The day after the signs went up, the banner-painting pair received stern letters from the council citing chapter-and-verse the signs and advertising policy.

With the letter threatening fines of $500 a day and further prosecution (with the fine being up to $200,000 and another $25,000 a day), the signs were removed.


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