Cowle St coming down

THE wrecking ball is rolling through West Perth’s Cowle Street, with established homes demolished to make way for flats.

Three ancient houses were flattended this month to make way for the 48-unit Dorrien Gardens project by developer Giorgi Group. Numbers 28 to 32, once owned by Criterion hotelier John Charles Chipper who’d sat on Perth city council in the 1890s, were built with 50,000 bricks delivered in August 1890.

Now they’ve been reduced to a pile of bricks once again.

Another house across the road will be knocked down soon, with a divided Vincent council approving a four-storey, nine-unit block in its place.

Council staffers had wanted to refuse it but mayor John Carey pointed out the street’s heritage fabric had already been lost so what was the point.

“It has been lost as soon as Dorrien Gardens was approved,” Mr Carey said.

“It saw the demolition of some houses which should have been protected by this council but they weren’t.

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“Council at the time should have looked at listing some of those properties on the heritage inventory list.

“I can’t turn back time, I can only deal with what I have now.”

Anthony Magri attended the meeting with his elderly grandfather who lives next door.

“My grandfather does not look like a mushroom,” Mr Magri told councillors, “he does not thrive without any light.

“He is proposed to live in partial internment by this design.

“Why should a development be four storeys to the detriment of the neighbours?”

The boundary wall complained about can be up to 7m, but the applicant’s hired gun Ben Doyle pointed out the wall to be built would be less than half that.

Councillors Matt Buckels and Emma Cole voted against demolition, with Cr Cole saying four storeys was too high.


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