Thumbs up for Maylands markets

THE Maylands Hawkers Market will reopen for the start of the summer season in November.

Bayswater city council approved the markets to be held at the space between the RISE and Maylands Hall until March 28.

It had previously completed a successful trial there.

Last month, Local Arts and Community Events, the not-for-profit group behind the markets, was left fuming when the council deferred approval pending a traffic management report.

LACE chairperson Catherine Ehrhardt claimed she had already submitted a report and the delay left her no time to attract sponsors or ready the markets for a lucrative pre-Christmas.

“I’m just delighted that the markets have finally been approved, regardless of all the political stuff going on in the background,” she says.

“We’ve lost a few vendors who have booked up to other places during that month, but we’ll make sure the place is packed for the start of the season.”

Mayor Sylvan Albert said that some people had used the delay to generate a lot of “airplay for very little outcome”.

Cr Alan Radford expressed concern the council was waiving around $7000 in fees for the markets, including reserve hire, use of public toilets and rubbish bins.

“We only usually give free reserve hire to junior sporting clubs,” he said.

“After all, the stalls are charging money for food.”

The council voted to review the waiving of fees at the start of the 2015/16 season.


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