DAC process ‘broken’

PLANNER Ben Doyle says Vincent council’s design advisory committee process is “broken”.

His client’s Cowle Street design was first lodged with the council 342 days ago. The DAC is supposed to improve the design before it gets to council, but he found the process to be a tangled mess.

“It’s been to DAC four times now,” he told councillors, and he’d consistently received inconsistent advice.

One DAC lineup would say it was great, and the next time different members not there previously would trash it and ask for changes, and so on it went.

“It’s a game of snakes and ladders,” he told councillors.

Mr Doyle notes the council is trying to improve the DAC process—more cash has been put aside to ensure people get consistent lineups instead of a rotating cast—but that doesn’t help his project.

“It’s encouraging, but unfortunately it doesn’t help us because our proposal went through the ringer at the time the DAC process was broken.”

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