Clink for MP

MT LAWLEY MP Michael Sutherland is preparing to go behind bars to raise money for charity—but he draws the line at the prison showers.

The speaker will spend a few hours in a cell at Fremantle prison to raise funds for Autism West, Cystic Fibrosis WA and local rotary clubs.

Participants must raise at least $500 to make bail or they could face years in the heritage-listed slammer.

Mr Sutherland is confident he will adapt to prison life after watching Midnight Express.

“When I’m locked up I’m going to think about my favourite prison show Porridge, in which Fletcher got up to all kinds of high jinks,” he laughs.

“I’ll need to hit the phones to make sure I raise the $500 bail.

“Otherwise I could end up like Steve McQueen in the film Papillon.”

Convicts for a Cause, now in its 15th year, is on November 15 at Fremantle Prison.

To donate, buy tickets or participate visit

Apparently there’s no option where you can donate to keep the pollies in the prison. A lost opportunity there for easy cash, we reckon.


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