Tudor to tower

THE demise of the 90-year-old Tudor mansion in West Perth was ushered in with nary a mention of the building’s storied history.

Eight luxury units are to take its place on a street that long ago lost most of its other aged buildings, and which now houses US consulate residents.

Perth city councillor Reece Harley had earlier tabled information on the historic value of the place for consideration.

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The original building dates to 1906 and for years was owned by the family of former premier George Leake. It burned down in 1926 and was rebuilt in Tudor style.

Renowned anti-communist campaigner James Sinclair McGibbon lived there till his death in 1943. News of its possible demise in the Voice attracted 80 or so online comments from those unhappy to see it go.

But it had been looked over by both the state heritage office and the council’s own history experts and declared unworthy of listing.

Without that protection in place the vote to allow its demise was unanimous.

The one concession to history: the council says the owner is “required to provide a photographic record”.


One response to “Tudor to tower

  1. A ‘photographic record’ of this Tudor mansion, unfortunately, does not even nearly take the place of the building itself. This Perth City Council continues to follow the demolition-happy practices of former Perth City Councils. While the Council has to be commended for supporting owners of heritage and historic buildings who wish to restore their architectural gems by providing financial and building incentives, it should also be pointed out that this isn’t the Council being particularly proactive in heritage matters – rather it’s a reactive stance. If it wants to get serious on heritage preservation it must update and publicly release its Municipal Heritage Inventory, then more actively work with developers to encourage them towards adaptive reuse, rather than demolition, of heritage buildings. However, seeing as the Perth City Council is currently made up of at least 3 building developers, and one who is married to one, that hardly seems to be something we will see in the near future. The piecemeal destruction of Perth’s heritage continues under the watch of our current Lord Mayor and those who successfully sought her moral support to have them elected into the Council she leads.

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