Lifeline for new year’s party in Perth

A MASSIVE New Year’s Eve party for Wellington Square has been thrown a lifeline after Perth city council staff initially opposed the event.

The 15,000-person Origin NYE party’s already being advertised around town as being held in Wellington Square so it was a nervous moment for organisers when staff recommended it be knocked back.

A report notes the event consists of “mainly ‘dub-step’ and ‘drum and bass’ (heavy bass) style music” that the whipper-snappers like these days.

But staff’s chief gripes were WA police warnings that it’d be tough to control, along with public transport authority concerns about getting everyone out of there when it wrapped up at 1am.

This all despite the PCC actually advising the organisers to hold the event at Wellington Square, after it outgrew the preferred location at Ozone Reserve last year.

Organiser Saran Bajaj from Horizons Touring fronted the PCC’s planning committee to plead the case.

Cr Judy McEvoy held fast but he seemed to win councillors Rob Butler and Reece Harley, who voted to defer the decision to let Mr Bajaj come up with management plans and chat with staff over how to make it work.

Back in 2011 Mr Bajaj fronted the WA liquor commission over multiple minor drug convictions but managed to keep his licence for the Shape Bar.

Even if the council gives the event a thumbs-up, Mr Bajaj will have to win another liquor licence if he wants guests knocking back anything harder than Cottee’s.

Police have indicated they’ll oppose the licence application.

At last year’s event some loon climbed the lighting tower and then fell off. US rapper ASAP Rocky pleaded with him to come down and he did, by falling, sustaining serious injuries.


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