The bots are coming

“I MOVE an alternative motion to support the robots.”

It’s not Vincent council siding with our automaton overlords, just Cr Ros Harley showing support for artist Si Hummerston’s robot sculptures in North Perth’s town centre.

The council’s expert art team nominated some weird-legged geometric shapes as its first preference but the elected members reckoned robots ruled.

The budget for the project is $150,000.

12. 854NEWS

The council’s been moving away from designing art by committee, already pulling back on consulting the community over public art.

Cr Harley reckons art shouldn’t be handled as a popularity contest.

“I’d be happy if this was the last piece of art we ever had to decide on as a council,” she said, wearily.

She’d be happy to let the expert art committee handle it then defer the final decision to CEO Len Kosova. “We’ll see what his taste in art is.”

Cr Matt Buckels looked concerned. “Have you seen his tie?” Cr John Pintabona represented human resistance, the only councillor voting against the robots.


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