Roos to move

EIGHT kangaroos living in urban bushland in Dianella will be relocated to accommodate developments by Channels 7, 9 and 10.

The dwindling mob, including three joeys, will be moved from Cottonwood Crescent bushland to Mundaring National Park.

Stirling council has been umming and aahing about whether to move the roos since 2010, when 7 announced its plans to redevelop its former home.

The Osborne Road land occupies more than seven hectares and parts were rezoned to allow up to 80 units a hectare.

Cr Keith Sargent says the roos will be much happier in Mundaring where they will have 2400 hectares of bushland and an abundant supply of food and water.

“In a few years’ time the Dianella site will be built up with lots of traffic and extra people,” he says.

“Imagine all the stress that the kangaroos will go through when the building works are going on. The new site is much bigger and will provide a larger, more natural environment for the roos.”

Friends of Dianella Bushland president Jan Bant will be sad to see the roos go: she says kangaroos have been a local feature for nearly 60 years.

“This has been passed back and forth between the developers and the city—but no-one wants to take responsibility for it.

“I think once they found out how much it was going to cost to accommodate the kangaroos, they panicked.”

Channels 9 and 10 have also submitted development proposals. The council ordered that four months’ notice be given before work starts, to give it time to arrange the roos’ removal.


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