Beware tree lop flyer

A FEW weeks after WA consumer protection issued a warning about WA Tree Services, the Voice has received another complaint about the firm.

Mt Lawley pensioner Brian Waugh says the firm is letter-boxing flyers that advertise tree lopping work before the council’s green collection.

Mr Waugh says there is no annual green collection in Bayswater: residents must request a blue bin via one of their three rates passes.

“The flyer is misleading and all the branches and green waste would end up sitting on the verge and not being collected,” says the 68-year-old.

07. 861NEWS

“I’ve had a flyer from them every three months for the past year.

“I’ve contacted Bayswater council and consumer protection to let them know.”

The department has already charged WA Tree Services with trying to fleece an 88-year-old Coolbinia man out of $1000 (Voice, November 28, 2014).

The company is already the subject of several warnings and “enforceable undertaking” orders after previous court appearances.

Last year WATS was “named and shamed” for the third time following complaints about allegedly bullying behaviour over demands for payment.

The WA consumer protection department has several legal actions pending against WATS in the magistrates and supreme courts.


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