Come back for Moore

DARRYL MOORE has revealed he will again seek Liberal Party preselection for the seat of Perth at the next federal election.

Trounced by Alannah MacTiernan in 2013 in what was expected to be a much closer battle, he has been a regular critic of the Labor MP in the year since her election.

In one letter published in the Voice he suggested Ms MacTiernan join with other Labor MPs to make peace with ISIS, which he predicted would “either result in an historic agreement… or a short and disturbing internet video”.

Mr Moore confirmed via email he’d give it another go: “I will be putting up my hand once again, in running for the honour of being pre-selected as the Liberal candidate. Regardless of who receives the honour of being pre-selected from the Liberal Party, the 96,000 adults who reside in the 23 suburbs that make up the federal seat of Perth deserve better representation in our federal parliament than what they are receiving now.”

Mr Moore’s 2013 campaign was marked by his extreme reluctance to talk to journalists, unlike his Labor opponent. When the Voice asked his views on marriage equality he said he’d tell us only after clearing it with his campaign director, party director and campaign committee.

The wheels fell off the campaign when former Liberal staffer Darren Brown exposed Mr Moore’s online history, where he’d referred to tenants as “ferals” and “illiterate”. He’d also posted that when it came to doing business with women he made it “a particular point to be extra tough” to ensure he wasn’t swayed by flirting.


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