Big interest in venue crisis forum

THE recent closures of live music venues is such a hot topic that organisers of a crisis forum have had to shift to a bigger venue.

The February 23 meeting of musicians, promoters, groupies and the general public has been moved from Jimmy’s Den to the Bakery.

Deville’s Pad in East Perth this week announced it’s shutting up shop. Ya-Ya’s has recently closed and the Bakery will shut mid-year.

That makes it harder to book gigs in the remaining venues, which have packed schedules.

Forum organiser Dave Cutbush, a promoter and RTR veteran, says ideas are welcome: is government help worth pursuing, are licence laws outdated, or does some other tack need to be pursued.

“It’s not just about opening up new venues, it’s also about helping to create an environment where people are more likely to go out and support events 12 months of the year, not just during Fringe and PIAF,” he says.

The Perth Venue Action Meeting is at February 23, 6pm at 233 James Street. All welcome.


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