Art? Rubbish!

RUBBISH thrown out by West Perth businesses will be transformed into a public artwork in Stirling.

REmida is organising a “scavenger hunt” to see what junk can be diverted from landfill and upcycled.

Materials collected February 25 will be used to create a sculpture that will go on display next month at the Osborne Park library.

“On the day scavengers will head out in teams of two to pop into local businesses, talk a little trash and collect a sample of their typical production by-products, offcuts or discards,” REmida coordinator Josie McGushin says.

06. 869NEWS

• Josie McGushin and friends from REmida. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Since 2005 the not-for-profit organisation has been collecting thrown-out materials from factories and shops in Perth and storing them in a re-use centre in Leederville.

Artists can sift through piles of stuff, including frame off-cuts, wiring, brushes from sweeper carts, air conditioning pipes and fabrics—and take what they need.

REmida charges a membership fee to cover operating costs and allows unlimited collection of materials at its creative reuse centre. In 2011 it diverted around 320 cubic metres from landfill.

To volunteer, or to donate “rubbish” contact Josie on 0406 490 868.



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