Scooter scrooging

MELBOURNE, Sydney, Brisbane, even in the Perth CBD: just about everywhere in the civilised world, scooter parking is free or mega cheap, but you’ll still pay full price at Perth train station carparks.

Authorities often offer cheaper scooter and motorbike parking to acknowledge they don’t produce as much congestion or pollution as full-size cars. UWA lets riders park for free because “compared to vehicles, motorcycles and scooters take up little space… are cheaper to run and emit far less greenhouse gases and pollution than single-occupied vehicles”.

05. 869NEWS

• Michael Cuhani is fed up with full price scooter fees. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Scooter man Michael Cuhani reckons that kind of thinking should be right up the public transport authority’s alley and can’t understand why they’re still slugging his moped the same $2 that was introduced for cars last year.

The PTA, which boasts its passengers reduce greenhouse gases by 232,000 tonnes a year by taking public transport, won’t budge on the charge which was handed down by the WA government in July 2014.

Feisty media man David Hynes says “taxpayer funds have made a significant contribution toward purchasing the land Transperth passengers park on, the cost of constructing the parking areas themselves, and security to enable the park and ride to operate safely.

“For this reason, it is only fair that all users—scooter and motorbike riders included—contribute a modest upkeep of all these facilities.”



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