Beavis butts heads with the best

AMBER BEAVIS is the only sandgroper to be named one of Australia’s top five science voices under 40.

The WA Museum research scientist and taxonomist saw off 250 other brainiacs to snag the top five place in the slightly-ageist ABC Radio National competition.

The competition recognises those who can communicate complex science effectively to the masses, therefore making it more accessible.

As a prize, she will attend an ABC in-residence program later this year, which—perhaps—could see her become the next Dr Karl: “Having worked as a science communicator for two decades now, I feel very privileged to work for the WA Museum as I believe museums are one of the few really democratic avenues for teaching and revealing science,” Dr Beavis says. “I’m incredibly excited to be taking part in the 10-day media program.

• Dr Amber Beavis. Photo supplied

• Dr Amber Beavis. Photo supplied

This is a real opportunity to help make science more accessible, less intimidating, and to engage people and get them to ask questions that science does not yet have answers to, and that is so important to help grow the next generation of science thinkers.”

Dr Beavis specialises in arachnology (spiders!) and is involved in the classifying and naming of new species.

She also hosts her own science show on RTR FM.


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