from the chamber

Perth city council March 2015

PERTH could be one of 71 nations to host a Commonwealth walkway showing off historic sites, with councillors tentatively agreeing to the plan at Tuesday night’s meeting. Organised by UK group Outdoor Trust the walkways will be marked with her majesty’s royal cypher and cover a 10km route speckled with informative bronze plaques. Across the world the paths will point out 10,000 highlights of the Commonwealth.

THE Voice received a telling off from the PCC’s communications manager Louise Scott for sitting in the wrong seat at Tuesday night’s meeting. We’d sat down in the public gallery (all the better to gauge public reactions) when Ms Scott began gesturing for us to sit up front, at the official media desk. We were comfortable sitting with the proletariat and stayed put, so she came over to tell us five or six times we had to sit up front because councillors had to be able to see us and know we were there. Not wanting councillors to feel they should mince their words on account of us, we stayed where we were, earning us a glare from Ms Scott that would have earned her a glint of envy from Julie Bishop.

THE cost of council elections could soar with the flagged introduction of Australia Post’s two-speed mail service. Perth city council had faced a $46,000 bill for a postal election on October 17 but staff warn the new system—with a fast premium service and a regular service operating two days’ slower—will mean extra charges because they’ll have to use the faster system to get papers in before close of polls. Staff say it’ll “likely see a doubling of existing costs for postage of ballot papers and reply paid envelopes”. Maybe they should go back to making people turn up to vote at a booth?


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