Letters 28.4.14

14. 874LETTERS

Speaking in tongues-in-cheek
I HAVE a serious question for David Bell who wrote last week’s article in the Voice about US atheist Matt Dillahunty visiting Perth.
In the last sentence it was stated the Voice contacted God for comment and the Voice was waiting to hear back. Now, everybody knows the Voice is a newspaper and newspapers do not pray because they cannot pray. This tongue-in-cheek frivolity was unnecessary. Added nothing to the story. Was not amusing and in fact disrespectful.
Putting that aside did anybody really do any praying to God about Dillahunty or his visit? If so who was it and to whom did they pray? Or is it just plain untruth? Did anybody at the Voice seriously expect to hear back from God? It seems the article was intended to promote atheistic ideas. Given there is no such thing as an atheist or atheism the whole thing is more ridiculous.
If you were to believe that God does not exist you would not even use the word God. Believing in God is one thing. Believing God is the author of every religion under the sun is something else again. God is God and religion is the vain imagination of man who is looking to the adversary rather than to God. You can pray to Allah the moon god of Arabia, Buddha, Krishna, Blessed Virgin Mary or anybody you like. And it is all in vain because there is only One True God—who is the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the factual information which comes out of Scripture (Holy Bible). Anything other than Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is fake and a total waste of time, effort and attention. It is impossible to be atheist because human beings are created by the God above all gods and share the same DNA if you like. So atheists (if you want to call yourselves that) get on track and know you are and who you belong to.
Raymond Conder
Central Ave, Inglewood

Academic heights
THERE is nothing new in either the acknowledgement of the need for new inner-city schools, as families seek to move closer to where they work, or in the inability of education and school planners to respond to the blindingly obvious (Voice, March 21, 2015).
As long ago as 2005, myself and fellow-Vincent-councillor Noel Youngman raised precisely this issue, which should have been apparent even when the WA education department closed the Leederville primary school. But, as planners are now finding, there is no way to retrieve a lost asset to create a 21st century primary school —the land is simply too expensive.
Several times, when a Vincent councillor, I drew attention to the potential of the Leederville redevelopment to incorporate a new primary school that could serve both the families who lived around Leederville and those who work in Leederville.
This could be achieved quite simply with a podium development of one of the carparks owned by the City of Vincent. The school could be built into a tower immediately above the podium, with the roof of the podium being the activity space for the school.
With appropriate development incentives, developers might well fund the school component. So here’s my challenge to the City of Vincent—stop simply talking about the Leederville redevelopment and get on with it. Use ownership of the land to leverage private sector funding for development, including community facilities such as a school. There is an opportunity here for a totally new model of public-private partnership that will benefit all parties, including the community.
Ian Ker
Mt Lawley

Bravo Bell
BRAVO David Bell, in handling a tricky situation during the monthly meeting of City of Perth council (Voice, March 21, 2015).
From Mr Bell’s impression of exchanges he had with the city’s communications manager, Louise Scott, Peta Credlin comes to mind before Julie Bishop.
Mr Bell obviously adhered to the legendary advice offered to young reporters: never fall out with anyone outside a newsroom. It can become embarrassing not to be on speaking terms with someone who might make news – as Ms Scott has.
How I miss my own anonymous times in the PCC gallery to scribble a chamber “sketch” of which the Voice usually chose to publish at least a part. As for what councillors’ need to know and see? Space, the tyrant here, denies venture. Less bravo. Ok, nutshell time: Perth the “nation”—Mr Bell’s vision outstrips even LM Lisa’s.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mount Lawley

Sports scourge
ALL this sporting drug abuse that’s constantly haunting every code of game, can’t have this, can’t take that. Yet there are alcohol advertisements on their uniforms, guernseys, grounds, fences, TV ads before during and after the game. So everyone should freely swill the worst social drug we’ve ever known.
Darryl Kippe
Menora Village

Still an outpost
WHEN I visit Canberra again I will make sure to go and see the Museum of Australian Democracy.
I do think though it should be renamed the Museum of Australian Government because until we have the right to elect our head of state we cannot seriously call our country a democracy.
Gordon Westwood
Coode St, Maylands

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