News Clips

WE’RE all climbing Jacob’s Ladder, and it’s annoying the locals, don’cha know. For years neighbours in ritzy apartments have complained about sweaty exercisers who use the King’s Park landmark to noisily grunt up and down hundreds of step. The NOMBS (Not On My Back Steppers) want Perth city council to close the steps after-hours and remove stretching equipment. PCC staff aren’t keen, advising that residents are divided over the issue and “a number of residents are supportive of healthy and active living in their local area”. The PCC will consider erecting signs asking joggers not to be jerks.

MAYLANDS Labor MP Lisa Baker will move a motion in state parliament supporting marriage equality. Ms Baker says most  WA folk support equal rights for same-sex couples to marry and the motion will call on the federal parliament to get on board. Premier Colin Barnett’s allowing a conscience vote for Liberal MPs.

NEIGHBOURS. Can’t live without them (unless you’re rich and can afford massive walls), so get to know them down at the Neighbour Day street party on the Oxford Reserve. Run by Vincent council and a friendly organisation called Befriend, the idea is to make connections in your community. Food, music, games and a zoo to break the ice over a baby lamp. Sunday March 29 at 3.30pm.


Maylands Baptist 10x2 Redemptorist Monastery 10x3 St Georges Cathedral 10x2 St Hilda Anglican Church 10x3 St Marys Church 15x3 Uniting Church Australia 15x3

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