Letters 6.6.15

Wrong on so many counts
UMM…I’m confused. I read the letters and a heart-breaking story in your paper about an animal lover whose dog was mauled to death by two dogs whilst going about a walk.
That was really heart-wrenching for me as a dog lover myself—but at the end of the letter, my eyes drew me to an advertisement directly below, “Wake Up, Premier”, with a picture of a doctor covering her face to convey grief. The written accompanying sentences were about a plea for people to stand up for better pay for anaethetists who earn less money than surgeons.
The ad claimed the anaesthetists’ earning $6428 per week was barely enough to scrape by on. I had to double-check the name of the newspaper to check it wasn’t an old publication of Prosh. Please let me know which is the case—because it is really upsetting to read a newsworthy event that is harrowing, next to a hoax advert.
Yes, I know surgeons earn a lot more than other less-qualified doctors (my brother is an orthopaedic surgeon), so if the ad is legit, it’s wrong on so many counts.
Jane Overington
Sunrose Link, Stirling
The Ed says: Jane, you’ve spotted out Adbuster (fake ad of the week) from May 2. Our ads and editorial are laid out separately and that does occasionally lead to odd juxtapositions. The ad’s fake but the wage figures are legit, by the way.

Party on, dudes (till 7.30pm)
DEAR Clieveden Street neighbours
Thank you for the invitation to your party last Saturday night. Although not on your property, we had little alternative except to attend; if not in person, then in attitude.
My wife and I danced to your music like no-one was looking (they weren’t), crawled into our nest and timed our bumping and grinding to the pulse of your music. We then fell asleep in post-coital bliss with the white-noise of your party in the background.
At about 3.45am we were woken by a popular anthem sung by a chorus of well-lubricated voices. Thanks must go to the leader of that chorus, whose enormous voice must surely be that of a professional. I took the opportunity to urinate.
As I peed, I wondered if your neighbours might call the police given the hour of the morning. Not everyone appreciates a series of anthems sung loud and strong at 4am. Having found his voice, the chorus leader was clearly enjoying its sound, for he kept the volume up even in conversation—his strong tones filling the head of our valley and the bedrooms of everyone who lives in it. He clearly wanted an audience and he had one, whether they wanted to be or not.
My sleep patterns now in disarray, I found myself thinking of “I love cleaning up after parties”, a well-loved anthem from my youth, penned by a friend. His parties would conclude about 4am with bodies crashed out everywhere until the middle of Sunday afternoon when the music would be turned up again, the clean-up commence, and conclude with reminiscences of funny moments over a few found beers, before crawling home to our respective beds before sunset.
Although pleasant to reminisce in this way, I preferred to sleep, and so despite my initial appreciation of your party, I found myself wishing for silence. I was sorry to be one of those who rang the police to ask that your indulgence be shut down.
I am sorry that I felt compelled to drive the streets in my dressing gown, switching off the engine to listen for the exact source of the pulse until I had determined it to be your address. I am appalled to have been forced to call the police to provide them with it.
I am concerned that your lack of care for community sensibilities resulted in my asking police to get involved.
I love a good party. But next time, please give some thought to your neighbours.
Yours in expectation of your future consideration
Paddington St, North Perth

Typo with bite
BURRIRO—another inspired Bellism, or a typo (Voice, April 25, 2015)?
“Burrito” is as far as my dictionaries venture with – go on, feel the fear and press on – a whiff of young donkey’s to spice up your tortilla.
Aloysius Pepper (Sgt. ret.)
Queens Crescent, Mt Lawley

All welcome at Wellington
I REFER to the emotive front page article in last week’s Voice “Sorry still”.
As a Perth city councillor for some 13 years until 2008 and now as the Member for Mt Lawley I continue to take an interest in Wellington Square more particularly as I receive constant reports from locals about anti-social behaviour in the park on an ongoing basis.
This affects other park users, business owners  and residents. I often see this when I drive past on a regular basis.
It is totally incorrect for you to state “for one day of the year, Aboriginal people are made to feel welcome, and  their ancient culture embraced, at Wellington Square”.
Aboriginals and anyone else are welcome to use Wellington Square as a meeting place and to enjoy the pleasant and well-maintained park there on any day of the year.
What is objected to is the abuse of the facility by people littering, drinking in public, living in the park and the general anti-social behaviour which spills over from the park to business premises and residences.
As for the “dead Englishman” whose name has been stuck on the sign at the park, I say thank goodness, he and other, “dead Englishmen” did a great deal to give our city the lovely parks we have and which are enjoyed and appreciated by the general public. They should be praised, not sneered at. They should not be blamed for  bad behaviour which in turn makes people unwelcome.
Michael Sutherland
Mt Lawley MP

A surprise
WHAT a surprise to learn so many Liberals can play bridge (Voice, May 30, 2015); even on the their feet.
Catherine Ehrhart asks: why was Mt Lawley MP Michael Sutherland at the  Seventh Avenue, Maylands, “Liberal love-fest”?
It gifted Michael the opportunity for more publicity, perhaps courtesy of Voice Mail. The parliamentary speaker is well able—from his frame of reference—to offer a perfectly reasonable explanation for his attendance at the event.
Ever your obedient servant.
Lutah Salt
West Bank,
Swan River Colony

14. WAAPA 20x7

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